Mix 1 Ltr TERRASHIELD 50TC with 49 Ltr of water to get a quality Cholorpyrifos emulsion having 1% active Ingredient. Apply this emulsion at the suggested rate in all the following three stages

STAGE 1 Treat bottom surface and side(upto30cm height) of the excavation made for column pit, wall trenches and basement @5L per sq.m of surface aera.

STAGE 2 Treat the refill earth on both sides of all built up wall (approximate width 30 cm and depth 45cm) @7.5 per sq.m of vertical surface of substructure.

STAGE 3 TREAT the entire levelled surface (before laying the floor) @5L per sq.m.

If necessary make 5cm deep rod holes, 30cm apart to facilitie absorption.

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