UV A Tester

The new UV-A Tester has been developed to check status of UV-A lamps out in the field. It can be used by service technician, sales persons, but also by clients and auditor inspectors.
This tool was designed to offer a price competitive, easy to use tool, which will allow you to check status on the efficiency of UV-A lamps. As we all know: there is still little or no awareness on the fact that UV-A light diminishes over time and as a result lamps are not replaced or replaced too late.

The solution.

  • To keep the costs low and:
  • To keep the UV sensor compact and:
  • To keep the product handling easy yet informative and:
  • Knowing that smart phones have become standard phones, which virtually everybody possesses these days,
We decided to use a smart-phone as the process and read-out tool.
A special app was developed, which can be freely downloaded for the i-Phone and the Android based smart phones. Simply go to the Google play store or the App store and download the UV tester software (free of advertising) Simply search for: UV tester
By clicking the UV tester into the jack-port of a (your) smart-phone a connection is made between the UV-A tester and the program. As the software is very easy to use, the rest is simply plug and play.

The software offers:

  • A read out in a visual display, an absolute value and an indicative signal.
  • The possibility to store the photo with the read-out value
  • The possibility to email the photo with the read-out value
  • A link to the website, were more details are available
  • A FAQ section

The Gain

Our main interest is to put this UV-A tester in the market as a service tool. We do not necessarily need to make a margin on selling this. Our main goals with this tool are to:

A)   Increase our name and reputation in the market as a science based company.
B)   Create better awareness on UV light technology (To know is To Measure!)
C)   Support and create sales for our UV lamp ranges

4)    Ideas to support your marketing and sales.

The UV tester can be offered to you in combination with the supply of UV lamps in a combination package.
The UV tester can be offered at very favourable conditions at larges sales volumes, which will allow you to offer this as free tool at exhibitions and / or seminars.
And surely you will have your own ideas how this tool will bring you the aimed added business.

5)    Product break down:

The UV-A tester comes in a plastic full color box, which holds the UV tester and a manual (see enclosure)
The UV-A tester comes with a key hanger, which allows you to place this on your key ring (or on your belt or..)
6) Environmental and storage aspects
     Store under normal and dry conditions
7) Legislation aspects
The products meets the CE demands, no other legislation is required.